Robots From Tomorrow episode 121: Pull List for September 24

Welcome to Robots From Tomorrow! For this episode the guys have picked a couple of comics that will be hitting shelves this week and talk about why they’re excited to read them. Clocking in at around 15 minutes, this bite-sized audio nugget is the perfect companion for any Wednesday Warrior!

Picks for Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Mike- Letter 44 #10 & Private Eye #8
Greg- Marvel Covers Artist Edition & Roche Limit #1

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Otomo Katsuhiro - Kaba

Selected pages from Kaba, an art book put out by Katsuhiro Otomo in the late 1980’s.  These pages give a glimpse into Otomo’s studio and he also gives a small talk about his thoughts on art and illustration.

I took these with my phone so forgive the quality, I just wanted to share this awesome information since it’s somewhat difficult to find much of anything from this book online.  Full view for hi-res and enjoy!

Someone asked a while back if I had any photographs of Katsuhiro Otomo’s studio. I didn’t, but! Austen Z just pointed me to this selection of scans from Otomo’s book KABA. The photos seem to be taken around the time he was working on Akira. There’s only a couple of pictures, but it gives us a lot of insight into his process. For example, we can see that there’s three desks in his studio, meaning he probably had up to two assistants when he was making the Akira manga. I’d wondered exactly how large his team was, and presumed it wasn’t much larger than 3 people, including himself. 

By the way, below is a link to the most recent version of the career timeline I made for him. We can see that with this setup- himself and two assistants- he was averaging maybe one and a half finished pages a day, with a top speed of about 40 pages a month. He was also prepping the Akira movie at this time, and he had a wife and a 5-year-old son.

I have so many questions for him. What was his schedule like? On the one hand I want to be like this guy, but at the same time I want a wife who I get to SEE 



It’s the week after Baltimore Comic Con and that means one thing: the Small Press Expo! Greg got a chance to hit the show for both days and made it out of there with almost two hours worth of interviews. He got the chance to talk to:

  • Matt Dembicki (XOC, Wild Ocean)
  • Joel Christian Gill (